Soft Skills for IT

Soft skills training will help to increase your overall business results. Here are just some of the key skills that will help grow your team and business – effective communication, team work, time and task management,  leadership skills.

Team training

Each of the training topics can be held in a group of 10, 15 or 20 people in the hall of Training Аcademy or presented in a hall of your choice.


When choosing a training program, you can also add individual coaching sessions for professional development and elaboration.

Online training

Each of the training topics can be conducted with a professional live lecturer in an online form of training, the training is conducted in a virtual classroom.


At the end of each training and coaching session program, you receive feedback on the progress of both the team and the individual, plus guidelines for future development.

We provide various opportunities for conducting comprehensive programs for teams, including: training, coaching, mentoring and tracking results.

You can choose one or more topics on which we will prepare a training plan for your team.

These are just some of the companies we work with to increase the efficiency and development of their teams.

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